Tour the Yardstead – Early Spring

Welcome to our yardstead! As we mentioned in the welcome, we are yardsteading (growing as much food as we can in a yard sized parcel of land). We have just a half acre. It doesn’t sound like much but A LOT of food can be grown on just a half acre of land.

We have lived here for 19 years and have had a garden for most if not all of those years. Although we have thought about yardsteading for a while, this is the first year that we will experiment with really stepping up our production.

It is early in the season, and so things don’t look that impressive. Still, we thought you might like to take a look at what we have done so far.

What’s in store for the yardstead during this growing season? Well….we have a lot of plans both inside and outside. Here’s our list:


  • Create a rain water catch system
  • build a greenhouse
  • expand, plant, and maintain our much, much, much larger garden area
  • Paint the house (anyone who owns an old house gets why this is important. And why we probably won’t do it if it isn’t on a to do list somewhere. Hold us accountable!)
  • expand our property (this one is a big maybe as it depends on more than just our desire to do it)
  • Continue to expand the food forest area with mulch.
  • Fix the hatchway doors


  • The project we will get to this year: adding a LOT of shelving to the kitchen/dining room area.
  • The project we keep hoping will do itself: leveling the floor in the kitchen/dining area. This is “that” project. Everyone has one like it. You know you really have to do it. But….you also REALLY don’t want to.

There is a lot to do and the list just keeps growing! We will update here as things get done (or as stuff gets added to the list….).

Have a clucking awesome day!

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